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Celbridge and District Racing Pigeon Club

Annual Presentation Evening 2011

The Annual Presentation took place on Saturday 17th December 2011 at our Club House & pub McEvoys Hazel Hatch Celbridge.

Members and our guests sat down to a lovely food buffet provided by the Hatch Pub. Our guest of honour was Alan Rice from the Celtic RPC, and Marion Flower from our local pub which hosts our Club House at McEvoys.

After a splendid meal the Chairman Mr Phil Murray welcomed everyone with a special welcome to Alan Rice and many of our fellow family members and guests on the night.

It was then down to Club business of the night, the Secretary Paul Fagan commenced with the distribution of club prizes which included prize money and trophies.

First to the table was Tom Fagan who received 100 Euro and the old bird averages, also winning old bird of the year with a Blue cock from M&D Evens Vendenabeele and 50 Euro.
Next to the table was Phil Murray who had a super racing season.
2nd overall winner and 70 Euro plus young bird nom race.

Paul Fagan was up next with the Channel averages from all our channel races which included the longest race from France. Well done Paul.

Brian O' Mahoney was hot on his heels with a very good old bird team, Brian won our old bird nom race winning 50 Euro and a trophy.

Up next was Pat Moran who raced all our channel races and most of the inland races. Well done to Pat. Pat would also like to thank Liam Raffety and Brian O'Mahony for young birds received in the 2011 season.

The Secretary then expressed his thanks to all club members for their help in the 2011 season and wish everyone a good year for 2012. We would also like to welcome our new members Sean Bailey and Brendan Holmes to our club.

A raffle and spot prizes was then held as we settled into a long night of chat about pigeon racing for the 2012 season.

Celbridge Racing Pigeon Club would like to thank Pigeonmad.com for a club trophy for the 2012 Season. We look forward to hosting a fundraising table quiz during February 2012 at McEvoys Pub Hazelhatch Celbridge which promises to be a fun night for members and friends. Anyone interested in coming along and entering a team of 4 people please contact Tom Fagan at 086 3536776 as the more the merrier.

The Club would like to say a special word of Thank you to Marion from McEvoys Pub for her generosity in accommodating our club in a great and social location of which we are very thankful. Our Clubhouse is located in an outhouse which is on the grounds of this great pub along the banks of the Canal in a lovely location.

Yours in sport
Tom Fagan
(A bit of Irish)

Pat Moran and Brendan Holmes (www.pigonmad.com) . Old and new members of the club

Some of the club member making an early start to the night.

Paul Fagan ( left ), club secretary, and Alan Rice (right) Celtic RPC presenting Old Bird average and old Bird of the Year to Tom Fagan ( Centre )

Paul Fagan ( left ), club secretary, and Alan Rice (right) Celtic RPC presenting Combine Average and Second over all Old Bird to Phil Murray ( Centre )

Paul Fagan ( left ), club secretary, and Alan Rice (right) Celtic RPC presenting Diploma for Racing in land and Channel Races to Pat Moran ( Centre )

Brendan Holmes ( left ), pigonmad.com, and Alan Rice (right) Celtic RPC presenting Old Bird Diploma to Paul Fagan ( Centre )

Pat Moran and Phil Murray discussing their trophies